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Young Musicians' Internship

This scheme enables talented young musicians to take a step up and experience playing or singing in established adult ensembles, including semi-professional and professional musicians.

The young musician will play/sing in the ensemble’s rehearsals leading to a public performance, and take part in that performance if suitable.

The scheme is administered by Plymouth Music Accord and run by the participating ensembles for qualifying young musicians.

There are two separate application forms:

Applicants should research the ensemble they would like to join, then apply through Plymouth Music Accord, printing out the application form and sending it to the address at the top of the form.


Plymouth Music Accord(PMA)will:

  • Promote, publicise and administer the scheme
  • Foster communications between interested organisations, individuals and young musicians
  • Provide some funding (normally £50 per ensemble per concert) to host ensembles to offset any costs incurred in supporting the young musician.


  • Establish a suitable selection process
  • Provide a mentor for the young musician
  • Refine and develop the young musician’s rehearsal skills
  • Attempt to identify and overcome any barriers to the young musician’s participation
  • Give encouragement and a positive experience to the young musician
  • Provide the opportunity to perform with adult musicians, playing or singing to a high standard, including professional or semi-professional musicians.

Young musicians
will commit to:

  • Attendance at the required number of rehearsals and the concert
  • Practising and endeavouring to play or sing to a high standard
  • Working with the mentor and being open and receptive to mentoring
  • Understanding and meeting the expectations of the host ensemble.

Rehearsing with the Plymouth Philharmonic Choir
Plymouth Philharmonic Choir Rehearsing in the Guildhall


See the ensembles’ websites for their concert programmes and other information.

Specific Details and Requirements of Participating Ensembles

Internship Scheme Graduates

Already four young people have benefited from the Internship Scheme:

  • Lawrence Cooper (trumpet)
    with the Plymouth Symphony Orchestra
  • Florence Williams (violin)
    with the Plymouth Symphony Orchestra
  • Alice Vickery (soprano)
    with the Plymouth Philharmonic Choir
  • Josie Frappart (soprano)
    with the Plymouth Philharmonic Choir

Plymouth Philharmonic Choir
The Plymouth Philharmonic Choir

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